a new beginning …

i got my first RC sometime in the early 90s in Strasbourg  when my dad bought me a Tamiya Ford Mondeo BTCC .  that was  many years ago.  Recently i had to move stuff out of my room as my mother is selling the house . The most important things were books and my Tamiyas . so here it is, my collection which was basically in cold storage for 10 years. ill blog a bit about my models and the passion which is tamiya.

My collection :

Tamiya 58143: Ford Mondeo 

Tamiya 58183: Volvo 850 BTCC  

Tamiya 58189: Martini Alfa 155 

Tamiya 58187: ALFA Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 

Tamiya 58171: BMW 318I STW 

Tamiya 58184: Fighter Buggy 

Tamiya 44028: Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM 2000 Orignal teile 

two Tamiya TGX chassises with a Subaru , Calibra DTM and Skyline body.

a couple 1:10 tamiya body shells (AUDI A4 STW, Peugeot 406 STW)

and a HPI MT-2 RTR

thats enough for the first post .

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