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Seizing the day

Today was another fine day , first we took Mojca’s TT01e for a test drive , i drove my Fighter Buggy with Carson wheels. No pictures of that but we made two small kids very happy, and their parents maybe less.

After Mojca managed to roll her car we went to the second bashing place , and i swapped the Fighter Buggy to the original wheels with new rear tires. The terrain here was a bit better , but a bit too coarse for the fighter buggy. The Dual Hunter managed just fine and i think the Dark Impact will manage too. Speaking of the dark impact , its now completely clean and rebuilt waiting for the new shocks to arrive from Japan.

I was bidding on some stuff today on eBay and im still amazed how people pay more than you can get it from Hong Kong new. I guess its the eBay fever that gets you 🙂

I ordered some 20t pinions for the Dual Hunter so i can get some more speed out of the stock motors.

Sunny posing

a ray of light shines shows the way


Strange circles are appearing in the Ljubljana area

Tomorrow, if the post arrives , then its TA02 and TA03 Rebuild time.


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First Bash

Had a first bash with Mojca today . took the Dual Hunter and the DF03 Dark Impact . The terrain was a bit too rough for the Dark Impact to properly show its qualities , but on the clean parts it went superbly. The Dual Hunter goes like crazy at anything you put in front of it . The ESC needs a bit of a tweak as it goes into reverse instantly , so you can’t brake . Driving was supper fun, the batteries didn’t last long enough, im ordering my first lipo next week.

Here’s some pics :



and after


posing some more




waiting for better terrain...



off road starts here

The extended postman finally brought my ebay win. An used DF03 Dark Impact and also used TB01 Lancer.

both in excellent condition and escs. The Lancer shell is a bit used but i did order shoo goo to repair the ford , so this one when repaired will be the primary rally shell.

i cleaned the DF03 to make it ready for tommorows run , after that it gets dissambled and cleaned properly. the TB01 is missing a couple of screws but works. that one is just getting cleaned and disassembled.

DF03 Dark Impact , who the original owner painted white for some reason and TB01 Lancer with wrong rims

Tomorrow we run the Dual Hunter and the DF03  and hopefully not from the police as the bashing place is semi illegal .

Modern Marvel

The postman dropped of the Flysky GT3b 2.4 transmitter.  oh boy how far have come . a 10 model memory 2.4 ghz transmitter with one receiver for 37 euro shipped. and extra receivers cost 7 euro shipped , yes 7 euro! finally i have something out of globalization. it feels totally solid, not plasticky at all , comparable to my old futabas. The top screen is ok , not that complicated to work with, again to any one who is skeptical , check the price . you can buy the same controller with an ansmann branding for double the cost. i have three hobby king receivers which are the same as the flysky one in the post as well, 19,89 USD shipped .  beat that if you have more than one model !

Flysky GT3b

15 years of evolution , the Flysky FS-GR3C 3channel receiver next to an old futaba 2 channel

Also today a couple of greases arrived . i found out that i was using way too much grease before so this should last a while.

Grease supply, Anti wear grease should also arrive soon.

Chassis check

i finaly did a chassic check of the status of my in storage chassises . im please to report but the TA03 run perfectly . That one i need to open , but ill wait till the ball bearings arrive before i do that . Also , i only need two ESCs which is cool as well.

TA02 BMW 318 STW


TA02 , a bit dusty but working perfectly


TA03F , not working , seems like the gears inside are loose, first on the work list

M03L , also working perfectly , missing an ESC


FF01, my first car, again working perfectly , missing an ESC



Ready to roll

Me and Mojca added ball bearings to our Dual Hunter and her TT01E.

nothing special, almost a complete tear down , but since i didn’t build it in the first place it was nice to familiarize myself with the construction. the builder was a bit sloppy with removing from the tree and also used too much grease . its now greased correctly with ceramic and anti wear grease.  The supposedly complicated already completed gearbox was really simple. now all we need for the weather to clear so some driving can be done.


Chassis without gearboxes

super greasy parts

I love the tires and the rim pattern , they differ on different sides.

Ready to run, added some hop up metal wheel adapters and some foam body guards.


I’ve built the TA04SS over the weekend but its missing a servo , ill blog about that when i get the servo in the mail and install it.

8 rings to rule them all

The slovenian government is 30 euro richer my 120 euro total 58300 Tamiya TA-04SS ABT Audi TT-R DTM  is here. Price wise its still a great price and the chassis being the short variant is also special. Did i mention you get two body shells for the price of one !!!  I will probably start building it tonight .

The postman also brought a set of

53056 TAMIYA Pin Type Wheel Adapter and 20 foam body post mount 4mm protectors.

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Tune up and first run

The Mtronik ESC Modelsport UK Sniper RV-12 Assault for the Dual Hunter arrived today , had some split cables made and now it drives . I tried it outside for 15 seconds since it -8 and pitch black but i am impressed .

Here’s a shot of it as it dries

also installed the hop up slip clutch on the DF03-RA , direct from Japan . Tamiya part number  53925

DF03 Slipper clutch on a DF03-ra

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Details details details!!!

Finally fixed the DF03RA camber and toe out issue , the guys at the tamiya club forum figured out that the camber sticks were not to proper size and that i’ve switched the dogbones the wrong way . after fixing that and making sure the sticks were the proper size ,its now as it should be . now only waiting for the fly skys to arrive so i can test drive it .

Must remember to be more attentive to details in the future.

Double trouble

The Dual Hunter arrived today , very fast from the UK courtesy of Tamiyaclub member Dazza1. superb condition. The body is a bit so so in the looks , but at least there will be no harm if it gets scratched and generally destroyed. This solid almost bulletproof chassis will serve as technology demonstrator for lipo conversions etc. The extra ordered ESC didn’t arrive today so its only a rolling chassis at the moment.

i plan to add ball bearings, 20turn pinions and some shocks to it.  but it needs to run first 🙂

also, two BEC regulators for the two Tamiya ESC i have arrived today

Tamiya 45051 Receiver BEC Regulator (TRO-01)


Tamiya Dual Hunter




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