Modern Marvel

The postman dropped of the Flysky GT3b 2.4 transmitter.  oh boy how far have come . a 10 model memory 2.4 ghz transmitter with one receiver for 37 euro shipped. and extra receivers cost 7 euro shipped , yes 7 euro! finally i have something out of globalization. it feels totally solid, not plasticky at all , comparable to my old futabas. The top screen is ok , not that complicated to work with, again to any one who is skeptical , check the price . you can buy the same controller with an ansmann branding for double the cost. i have three hobby king receivers which are the same as the flysky one in the post as well, 19,89 USD shipped .  beat that if you have more than one model !

Flysky GT3b

15 years of evolution , the Flysky FS-GR3C 3channel receiver next to an old futaba 2 channel

Also today a couple of greases arrived . i found out that i was using way too much grease before so this should last a while.

Grease supply, Anti wear grease should also arrive soon.

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