Seizing the day

Today was another fine day , first we took Mojca’s TT01e for a test drive , i drove my Fighter Buggy with Carson wheels. No pictures of that but we made two small kids very happy, and their parents maybe less.

After Mojca managed to roll her car we went to the second bashing place , and i swapped the Fighter Buggy to the original wheels with new rear tires. The terrain here was a bit better , but a bit too coarse for the fighter buggy. The Dual Hunter managed just fine and i think the Dark Impact will manage too. Speaking of the dark impact , its now completely clean and rebuilt waiting for the new shocks to arrive from Japan.

I was bidding on some stuff today on eBay and im still amazed how people pay more than you can get it from Hong Kong new. I guess its the eBay fever that gets you šŸ™‚

I ordered some 20t pinions for the Dual Hunter so i can get some more speed out of the stock motors.

Sunny posing

a ray of light shines shows the way


Strange circles are appearing in the Ljubljana area

Tomorrow, if the post arrives , then its TA02 and TA03 Rebuild time.


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