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Power to the Color

Lets start with last weeks recap, work done , nothing , cleaned the RC room but thats it .

last saturday i ran the Blitz which was superb , but ran out of batteries quick. Here’s the only picture i made before it died.

Blitz next to the yeah racing track marker, notice a little wheel spin

The lack of power leeds me of to the next topic. i had some yeah racing 3200 lipos on order but i’ve decided to add some turnigy 4000 mah hard case lipos as well. these will be primarily for the blitz and other shape friendly chassises.


Today it all arrived , very fast from the Hobbyking german warehouse and Schweighofer . The yeah racing 3200 lipos from RCmart i did not expect today, so im happy . would be even happier if the lipo alarm and the connectors would arrive as well, hopefully tomorrow. until then im limited to the two yeah racing lipos.

Lipos and Lexan paint

here’s the manifest :

from Hobbyking :

2x Turnigy 4000mah 2s hardcase Lipo

from RcMart:

2x Yeah racing 3200mah 2s harcase stick shaped Lipo

from Schweighofer:

2x Tamiya PS-1 White paint

2x Tamiya PS-5 Black paint

2x Tamiya PS-2 Red paint

1x Tamiya PS-6 Yellow paint

1x Tamiya PS-30 Brilliant Blue paint

1x Tamiya PS-12 Silver paint

1x Tamiya PS-31 Smoke paint

1x Tamiya PS-55 Flat Matt paint

1x Tamiya 10mm Masking tape with dispenser



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Brown Lightning

the Blitz is waterproof. Had a first short 1 battery bash . the terrain was a bit rough but the Blitz performed wonderfully , i really like this truck . I did order an overhead protection for the chassis though , the picture illustrates why . i am super satisfied with the truck . It just needs a lipo soon, as it eats trough the NIMHS like butter .


it is waterproof , but it does attract mud like a magnet.


It’s here ! It has mud flaps !  MUD FLAPS !!! its really bigger than i imagined it to be ! it looks great and is ready to run !  It has been with GLS for two days , just because they don’t work on the weekend and its Raining outside ! 😦 it hasn’t been raining for weeks and out of all days it starts today in the afternoon. why oh why ?

so all i can do is watch it stand there on its huge box in the middle of the living room.

HPI Blitz RTR 2.4GHZ Scorpion body


i’ve fixed the DF03 spur gear which was a bit bad after the non cover run. took the cap of the df03ra until the replacement M parts arrive .   i’ve also re set the gear meshing on almost all of the cars. that was a ploy to keep me from tidying up the room . it succeeded .

The post man brought the 53251 M Tuned Acto Motor ,  still NIP.  which will speed up the GTA right after it gets ball bearings. Its also my first hop up motor.   Also a Dark Impact manual so i don’t have to fiddle around with the Ipad all the time . Since two days back 8 track markers are here and a ball connector remover , that one really helps , as i always scratch the connectors with my pliers.

M Tuned Acto Power

One more thing. Since i have got some funds after selling an old Macbook pro , i’ve committed Tamiya adultery and ordered a HPI Blitz and two Yeah Racing Lipos.  Happy times ahead 🙂



well , it was weekend of 50/50 running . On Saturday we sat out on running the road cars, i tried the TA03F Audi A4 STW and Mojca her Subaru, we tested a new car park which was ok , but i forgot to bring the broom , so the sweeping for pebbles was done with our feet. we setup for running and Mojca develops a steering problem early on , so she has to retire, we didn’t bring any spare cars so she got to watch how i flung the Audi around corners. It runs really really good, its a chassis with about 12 years in between building and actual running, i’ve done a bit of a sloppy job back then, but all is fixed this time . i love the sound the belt makes.

So today , i say , lets go run the off roader. This time the i get problems with the Dark Impact,as i was seriously dumb enough to run it without a gearbox cover. it ran really well , while it ran , which was about for 3 minutes. (kinda like a Ferrari 🙂 First time the pinion gear got dislodged, fixed that and , after that some pebble gut behind the spur gear and blocked it all up . what was i thinking. so ill take the gear cover from my DF03RA and also order some M Parts.  Meanwhile the Dual Hunter runs like there’s no tomorrow, no problems to report there. The 20t pinions i ordered still haven’t arrived, but it should be any day now. Next in line is two Sport Tuned motors for the much needed power boost.

so over all a 50/50 weekend. Bask in the beauty of the Quattro !

Tamiya STW Audi A4 Quattro


Bouncy fixed

Finished the rebuild of the DF03 Dark Impact as the shock parts arrived two days ago , in retrospect i should have ordered the whole M parts again , as i am already missing two bits. ah well, by the end of the month.

back on its own legs

Nothing much to say about it , except that the previous owner didn’t put the shocks together properly .The new body should arrive any day now, then all it needs is a slipper clutch.

Body shop

Over the last two days Mojca and me (mostly Mojca 🙂 trimmed 7 body sets in preparation of painting which will proceed by the end of the month if temperatures allow.  The Olfa CMP-1 Compass cutter really helped .

Europe 4 - Japan 1

two days ago i also fixed the broken Lancer body with loads of Shoe Goo and dry wall tape, its not the cleanest of fixes , but the body was in a preety bad state.

the power of Shoe goo

super cracked rear bumper

the split front bumper

good as ... ahm well , used 🙂

and just because i can’t get enough of how beautiful the Audi A4 is (again , thanks to Mojca ) here’s some more pictures of the shell , the TA03 chassis is next in line for tomorrow , so it will get the legs it deserves

Audi A4 STW

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4 rings return

Here it is, after being painted more than a decade ago, now its decaled thank to Mojca ! Thank you very much !!!

i forgot how good these Audis looked.

Tomorrow im rebuilding the chassis it sits on, the TA03F.


There was supposed to be a post on how we ran the TA02 and TT01E yesterday, but the camera battery was empty ,and i didn’t see a point in posting without pictures.

beautiful isn't she ?

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