well , it was weekend of 50/50 running . On Saturday we sat out on running the road cars, i tried the TA03F Audi A4 STW and Mojca her Subaru, we tested a new car park which was ok , but i forgot to bring the broom , so the sweeping for pebbles was done with our feet. we setup for running and Mojca develops a steering problem early on , so she has to retire, we didn’t bring any spare cars so she got to watch how i flung the Audi around corners. It runs really really good, its a chassis with about 12 years in between building and actual running, i’ve done a bit of a sloppy job back then, but all is fixed this time . i love the sound the belt makes.

So today , i say , lets go run the off roader. This time the i get problems with the Dark Impact,as i was seriously dumb enough to run it without a gearbox cover. it ran really well , while it ran , which was about for 3 minutes. (kinda like a Ferrari 🙂 First time the pinion gear got dislodged, fixed that and , after that some pebble gut behind the spur gear and blocked it all up . what was i thinking. so ill take the gear cover from my DF03RA and also order some M Parts.  Meanwhile the Dual Hunter runs like there’s no tomorrow, no problems to report there. The 20t pinions i ordered still haven’t arrived, but it should be any day now. Next in line is two Sport Tuned motors for the much needed power boost.

so over all a 50/50 weekend. Bask in the beauty of the Quattro !

Tamiya STW Audi A4 Quattro



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