i’ve fixed the DF03 spur gear which was a bit bad after the non cover run. took the cap of the df03ra until the replacement M parts arrive .   i’ve also re set the gear meshing on almost all of the cars. that was a ploy to keep me from tidying up the room . it succeeded .

The post man brought the 53251 M Tuned Acto Motor ,  still NIP.  which will speed up the GTA right after it gets ball bearings. Its also my first hop up motor.   Also a Dark Impact manual so i don’t have to fiddle around with the Ipad all the time . Since two days back 8 track markers are here and a ball connector remover , that one really helps , as i always scratch the connectors with my pliers.

M Tuned Acto Power

One more thing. Since i have got some funds after selling an old Macbook pro , i’ve committed Tamiya adultery and ordered a HPI Blitz and two Yeah Racing Lipos.  Happy times ahead 🙂


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