Power to the Color

Lets start with last weeks recap, work done , nothing , cleaned the RC room but thats it .

last saturday i ran the Blitz which was superb , but ran out of batteries quick. Here’s the only picture i made before it died.

Blitz next to the yeah racing track marker, notice a little wheel spin

The lack of power leeds me of to the next topic. i had some yeah racing 3200 lipos on order but i’ve decided to add some turnigy 4000 mah hard case lipos as well. these will be primarily for the blitz and other shape friendly chassises.


Today it all arrived , very fast from the Hobbyking german warehouse and Schweighofer . The yeah racing 3200 lipos from RCmart i did not expect today, so im happy . would be even happier if the lipo alarm and the connectors would arrive as well, hopefully tomorrow. until then im limited to the two yeah racing lipos.

Lipos and Lexan paint

here’s the manifest :

from Hobbyking :

2x Turnigy 4000mah 2s hardcase Lipo

from RcMart:

2x Yeah racing 3200mah 2s harcase stick shaped Lipo

from Schweighofer:

2x Tamiya PS-1 White paint

2x Tamiya PS-5 Black paint

2x Tamiya PS-2 Red paint

1x Tamiya PS-6 Yellow paint

1x Tamiya PS-30 Brilliant Blue paint

1x Tamiya PS-12 Silver paint

1x Tamiya PS-31 Smoke paint

1x Tamiya PS-55 Flat Matt paint

1x Tamiya 10mm Masking tape with dispenser



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