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Here’s the result of the first run of the DF03 with ezrun 8.5t  . The diff was probably not tightened enough.

melted rear diff

of to the spare parts section of ebay .



Down under

the weather is finally ok again .

took the Dark impact and the Dual Hunter for a bash . This was the first outing for the EZrun 8.5t brushless combo. i must say im satisfied with the power , but i definitely must glue the tires .

We found a new bashing spot in an active mini quarry , the ground is hard packed with lots of small to medium pebbles and lots and lots of fine dust , the dust trails are spectacular. Luckily you can retreat on a nearby hill made of stones .

by the end of the first battery i’ve noticed that the rear wheels aren’t getting the same power as the front, so i’m guessing that the diff must be loose. i switched to the Blitz ,which was having trouble putting down traction on the loose dirt, the slipper clutch needed adjusting, but i didn’t bother with it since we were pressed for time.

Mojca drove the Dual Hunter, which now with lipo power drives even better . it soldiered on with no problem until the servo screw got loose. i need to modify the servo fitting as the high torque servo i have in it now ,moves too much.

Adventures in Brushless land

The weather is lousy , but things are moving along .

over the last few days a couple of things arrived :

– XT60 connectors for switching over from Tamiya plugs

– an used Ezrun B5 combo (8.5 turn brushless motor with a 60 amp ESC)

– Five Stars FS7039 Steel main shaft for DF03 Slipper clutch all the way from Champ International JR from Osaka Japan, this shaft seems to be the only thing which is wrong with the df03, as it replaces the aluminium shaft of the original tamiya kit . They also seem to be very hard to find out of Japan. 

– Tamiya 53922 05pinion Gear 23T,25T

– Tamiya 53925 DF03 Slipper Clutch set

– and some bearings, but thats another story.

components to make the DF03 brushless ready , with the holy grail , the Fivestars FS7039 Steel main shaft for DF03 Slipper clutch

After Mojca became a master of soldering and converted over all the XT60 plugs , i was ready to go to install the Ezrun 8.5 into the DF03.

EZrun 3650 is a full size 540 motor, with even more torque than the 3650s finned motors which are 380 motors in a 540 can

The Fivestars shaft is a perfect replacement , for the Tamiya part , installation was flawless , except that i forgot the two shims on the original shaft , so i had to take it apart twice 🙂

DF03 slipper clutch is necessary for a brushless motor. keeps the torque at bay

After everything was wired up , a problem appeared . if i kept the ESC and the receiver on the side opposite the servo , i ran out of space. that might work on a DF03ra chassis which has a sedan body , but the DF03 buggy body is tiny , so i moved the receiver to the other side and now it all fits .

no way to get the body on.

everywhere you look for pictures of the ezrun esc,  no one shows you the pair of resistors which are rather large (almost the 1/2 size of the ESC) .

now it all fits , even with the Turnigy 4000 mah lipo and its thick cables

i’ve tested with the body on and its perfect . i need to tidy up the wiring a bit its basically done . judging from the acceleration test in the living room its wickedly fast , definitely faster than the blitz. Its using the 82t spur wheels included with the slipper clutch and  23t pinion. now only if the weather will clear up so i can get some driving done.

The triple

Blitz info everyone should know. the slipper clutch reference in the manual is wrong . The 6 turns are way to loose , try 1 to 1.5

Finally managed some reproducibility as me and Mojca ran on the same surface on a similar layout for two days. its a parking space with gravel but its only empty on weekends. i’ve tweaked the slipper clutch and kinda dialed in the battery pack position . next ill change the steering knuckles to the inline ones , to see how that works . I’m really liking the Blitz, its much more technical and race ready than the other cars i have, also its probably the first one that I’m approaching a bit differently, also my off road experience is limited.

Enjoy the triple blitz shots.


On the Dual Hunter front,  Mojca ran only one pack as i’ve forgot the second one at home (dough:) . The high torque servo and the TGX shocks seems to work fine . Forgot to take pictures

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