The triple

Blitz info everyone should know. the slipper clutch reference in the manual is wrong . The 6 turns are way to loose , try 1 to 1.5

Finally managed some reproducibility as me and Mojca ran on the same surface on a similar layout for two days. its a parking space with gravel but its only empty on weekends. i’ve tweaked the slipper clutch and kinda dialed in the battery pack position . next ill change the steering knuckles to the inline ones , to see how that works . I’m really liking the Blitz, its much more technical and race ready than the other cars i have, also its probably the first one that I’m approaching a bit differently, also my off road experience is limited.

Enjoy the triple blitz shots.


On the Dual Hunter front,  Mojca ran only one pack as i’ve forgot the second one at home (dough:) . The high torque servo and the TGX shocks seems to work fine . Forgot to take pictures

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