Down under

the weather is finally ok again .

took the Dark impact and the Dual Hunter for a bash . This was the first outing for the EZrun 8.5t brushless combo. i must say im satisfied with the power , but i definitely must glue the tires .

We found a new bashing spot in an active mini quarry , the ground is hard packed with lots of small to medium pebbles and lots and lots of fine dust , the dust trails are spectacular. Luckily you can retreat on a nearby hill made of stones .

by the end of the first battery i’ve noticed that the rear wheels aren’t getting the same power as the front, so i’m guessing that the diff must be loose. i switched to the Blitz ,which was having trouble putting down traction on the loose dirt, the slipper clutch needed adjusting, but i didn’t bother with it since we were pressed for time.

Mojca drove the Dual Hunter, which now with lipo power drives even better . it soldiered on with no problem until the servo screw got loose. i need to modify the servo fitting as the high torque servo i have in it now ,moves too much.

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