one last time!

i am trying to run a tight budget and not spend so much on RC , and i promise i will not do it anymore ūüėÄ

a picture is worth a 1000 words so here it is , what arrived in the last 8 days

enough for a while

a ramp built by my dad (it will get its own post soon)

from Ebay

– Tamiya 74093 Modeler’s Side Cutter – Gray

РTamiya 58277 SUBARU IMPREZA WRC 2001 with Finished body (together with Impreza for 160 Eur Shipped from Ebay , an absolute steal)

РTamiya 58224 Peugeot 306 Maxi WRC  (it included 10 extra bearings for some reason , can never have enough bearings)

from (honestly, i was just planing on getting some paint and more masking tape , look what i ended up with)

– 2 x PS-1 Black paint
– 2 x PS-5 White paint
Р1 x PS-6 Yellow 
– 1 x PS -31 Smoke
– Tamiya Masking Tape 40mm x 18m
РTamiya Masking-Tape 10mm refill 
– Tamiya 49434 DF03 Limited smoke M Parts (The harder plastic of the spur gear guard, so it will be more dust proof)
РTamiya 58502 Blitzer Beetle 2011 with Bonus parts (8 bearings)
Р1 x Tamiya TS-14  Black   for the Blitzer Beetle
РCarson M-03/M-04/FF-02 Chassis  bearing pack (will use the extra bearings from the Peugeot on the Blitzer Beetle , was 3 eur cheaper this way)
Р Tamiya 53339 Tire cement 

One more word about Tamico and their shipping, it might seem a bit high at 13,90 Eur, but it turned out its DHL , which delivered in 3 days (Friday to Monday) so you get your money’s worth , in my case it was a bit too fast, as i’ve found out on Friday , after the package shipped ,that i need some more Silver PS and TS paint and the Tamiya polycarbonate cleaner for ¬†little paint mishap . Again thats another story.


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