Paintjob part 1

over the last week as the weather allowed with Mojca’s help we painted most of the bodies , some are just waiting for smoke on the windows, some need backing, some need a full paint job .I hope we can continue on wednesday if the weather gets better again .

Total paint cans spent : about 8

The Nissan leading the paint job line for Black color first

Mojca’s Subaru and one of the Audi TTs

Giulia GTA , Peugeot 306, Delta Integrale all backed with silver

the Blue Audi TT backed with White, and the 155 Alfa’s black stripe

A couple of things learned , to go even easier on the first coat on white bodies as its a bit more picky if you add too much at first and you will have pealing problems with the mask , never use cheap tape when masking ,as it will pull the overspray film when you remove it , and you will have to clean up residue . Buy more paint than you think you need (more on that in the next post and Part 2 of Paintjob)

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