M02 Lipo fit

Fitting stick shaped lipos into old chassis can be a bit of a pain . The reason is that the most common pack around , the Yeah Racing 3200 is 138 mm long , which is 2-4 mm too long for old chassis.

here is how i modified my M02 to fit lipos, it should also work with the M01 since its the same chassis with a different engine position.

all you need is :

2x 12x3mm countersunk tapping screws (Part 50581)

4x 3mm washers (Part 50586)

you need two sets of these , countersunk 3×12 and two 3mm washers

replace the kit 3×10 screws with 3×12 countersunk tapping screws and add 2 washers on both screws.

view from above. the mod is done on the left side.

perfect fit with room to spare , should work with any 138mm lipo stick pack


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