Flying practice

The weather was so so this weekend , and since mail is late with replacement parts, we decided to take the off road cars out today and test out the new ramp.  The Blitzer beetle stayed inside since the body is still being painted and i still didn’t put the ball diff of the Dark Impact back together .

So for today flying lessons i present , The Dual Hunter and The Blitz

Status Report :

Time ran : 90 min

Terrain: – Tarmac for run up

– soft grass: for landings

– concrete curb: when missing the ramp

Damage: – lost two body pins

Things to improve: -attach longer shocks on Dual Hunter

– more power for Dual Hunter needed

– glue tires on Dual Hunter

– get stiffer servo mount for Dual Hunter

– draw a center line on the ramp

– try not to hit the pavement curb so much

The Dual Hunter currently uses shocks from a TGX with no oil and spring changes , its definitely not optimal , but 100cm aluminium are on the way from HK

it nose dives if you brake on the ramp

Durability is excellent ! 

lost two body pins today, the Blitz likes the greens

It jumps incredibly balanced and controllable and predictably

i need to take it on the tracks, its potential is wasted here, fun non the less

with two stronger motors and some 100 cm shocks it will be even better , a tough little truck.




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