Limited legend

Today culminated with a mega delivery from Germany, Norway and Japan .

lets start with the best :

from  RC Champ International  ,  a big thanks to Masayiko for all the help with customs, and who also went above and beyond the usual service expected . This is my second order and they have made a customer for life!

Tamiya 49377 TA03F Pro Drift Spec (my first limited edition Tamiya, and what better chassis to get than my favorite TA03F )

Tamiya 53779 GT Tuned Motor (a mix up as i’ve only enquired about the price, but i will pay it as soon they get back to me)

from Norway

Tamiya 53238 Quick-Release Battery  Holder (a quite vintage part , but necessary to make the pro version of the TA03f lipo friendly)

from my favorite Tamiya dealer Tamico

Tamiya 51004 TT01 G parts (Mojca striped spur gear replacement)

Carson 13427 19turn module 0,6 steel pinion (for the above, why doesn’t tamiya make steel pinions, it would all be so much easier)

Tamiya 50746 Super Mini shock set (for the M02 Alfa, lets see how this will improve on the handling) 

2x Tamiya Ps-12 Silver paint (i’ve should have ordered that in the last shipment, but somehow forgot, has kept painting progress at a standstill)

Tamiya 87004 Thread lock (to keep those pesky grub screws in the pinion gears in place)

from another german dealer

Tamiya TS-16 Yellow paint 

Tamiya TS-36 Fluorescent Red 

Tamiya 87118 Polycarbonate cleaner (one of the Audi TT bodies has a bit of a black blemish , which really annoys me. this should take care of that)

so this is it for a while, if all goes to plan the shopping is done for the summer .

UPDATE : the Tamiya polycarbonate cleaner does remove Lexan paint extremely well, so if you have paint mishaps or want to repaint a shell , its highly recommended . It really works !  

UPDATE #2 : Heard back from Rc Champs Masayiko, who informed me that the Motor was a gift , what a great service, again , highly recommended !

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