Holly Smoke

Back from the sea side , a great week of lots of sun with minimum RC action , why you ask ?

thats why :

The Ansmann 12t ESC goes up in smoke

first ESC that died on me

The Ansmann VR 12 Turn ESC from the Blitzer Beetle went up in smoke (very very stinky smoke i must add) . I think it just was past its time , it started behaving weirdly then just died. After i got back to service i just plugged it in and it started smoking . Now i have a bit of a problem since don’t have an ESC for the Ta03F pro as i was planing to use this one .  oh well, will see what i can find on Ebay , until then the TA03f pro gets a 101BK.

The Sea side running of the Blitzer Beetle and The Dual Hunter was fun . Great terrain in the woods in the shade .  The Blitzer Beetle handles fantastically, the DF03 shocks and the Prolines are doing wonders , the handling is precise , stabile , the tires provide plenty of traction , maybe too much , as i’ve managed to roll it 3 times on tarmac. with a hard body the rolls hurt and it has scars to show .

first run, first scratches

The looks of the Beetle bring a smile to ones face , it really looks fantastic, i’ve always fancied this car , but could never afford it when i was young . Its a constant grin when it runs, it only changes when you roll it .

a classic beauty

I must say something about the tires. The Prolines Dirt Hawgs are fantastic, much much better than stock tires , worth every euro , i did expect them to be better , but not that much better. after a pack of hard running on mixed terrain, they show no wear what so ever .

one more

Mojca was driving the Dual Hunter while i did the Blitzer Beetle, the servo mount was flexing way too much with the high torque servo , Tamiya did a design mistake there , but a aluminium mount will fix that , its on the way along with better shock mount , so i can mount the 100cm shocks i got of ebay for super cheap . i temporarily fixed it with longer screws instead of the 3x10s used. its a bit better. Also we lost a screw holding the shock (must replace those with ball heads). Since this was the only run that day and it turned out to be the last for the whole week, we cleaned the vehicles thoroughly and went to have a beer 🙂

Lesson learned, always bring a backup ESC along and also always take running shots at the begging of the run, so you don’t get stuck with static shots again …

cleaned and waiting for the 3200kv Brushless combo….

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