Sticky Receivers Pinions

Here’s a summary of what arrived during the last two weeks:

– 4x 100 cm aluminium shocks from ebay (super cheap at 7,52 eur for 4 pieces). They will go on the Dual Hunter once the Alloy shock towers come in.

– 3x Flysky  FS-GR3C 3CH 2.4Ghz Transmitter Receiver For GT3B (i now have 10, great stuff if you have a large collection you plan on driving)

–  1/16″ Ball Driver for those pesky grub screw on Robinson racing pinions. 

– Robinson Racing 16T 0.6Mod METRIC Pinion Gear RRP 1116

– Robinson Racing 18T 0.6Mod METRIC Pinion Gear RRP 1118 ,  both pinions for the M02 which is finally getting the M-Tuned Acto Special installed.

– J-B Weld 1 oz Steel Reinforced Epoxy JBW8265S  , according to the Internetz its the best way to fix servo horns. Will see, the specification sure does sound impressive.

– Tamiya 53666 TT-01 Metal Motor Mount for Mojca’s TT01E

– Tamiya 53068 Sport Tuned Motor from a Tamiyaclub member, also for Mojca’s TT01E

– Kimbrough Servo Saver KP113 , going into the TA04SS, it should be better than the Tamiya one .

–  Carson 13433 0.6 25T Steel Pinion , also for the TA04SS

if the Dual Hunter parts arrive , then all of this will get installed this weekend, if not , then most of it .

a little bit of everything

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