Hopping up

Its time to improve the Dual Hunter , things that you need :

– Aluminium Shock towers

– 100 cm shocks

– shock oil

– Aluminium servo holder

– Aluminium hexes

– M3 threaded rod

– M3 nuts and bolts


shock oil and M3 parts not pictured

first install the servo mount . it will stop all the flexing when the servo moves , a great improvement.

fill the shocks with preferred oil, i went with 30wt in front and 40wt in the back.  if the shocks are cheapo ones from ebay like mine throw the oil that comes in them away and use proper shock oil.

the shock towers just screw on. now comes the shock mounting. mine were really really cheap and so the quality suffers a bit . the top eyelets are bigger than the ball heads i have , so i’ve mounted the front with ball heads on the top and the back ones with nuts and bolts.


cut two 71mm identical pieces of threaded rod and bend them in a S shape. this will prevent the binding that occurs with the stock threaded steering shaft.


install the hexes , be careful to use a proper driver on the mini screw that goes into the hexes , i used a 1.5mm in a 1/16″ one and stripped it , still haven’t got it out . so im cheating and using tamiya metal hexes at the moment.



tweak around with the ride height and thats it , now all i need is better motors .




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