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what you see here is what arrived during the last three days.

from Hobbyking, took ages to arrive but it did non the less.

– 3x Turnigy nano-tech 5.3 30-60c 2s hard case lipo (2 shown, 1 in charging)

from Ebay

– Aluminium Servo horn for the Wraith.

from Modelbau Seidel with super fast 3 day shipping , everything will go into the Dual Hunter

– Tamiya 0005757 TL01 B parts reinforced , the Wild Bison nitro version

– Tamiya 53301 TL01 stainless steel suspension shafts

– Tamiya 84175 4×11,5mm King pin screws

– Tamiya 9005581  Wild Dagger transmission parts , a note here: its parts for both transmissions so for just 2 euro more you save 5 euro compared to buying two sets for the newer models.

I hope to put it all to use as soon as i get some time.




dear or dear Axial, what a mistake you made. You cannot fit a 15t pinion to the stock 80t 48dp spur because there is not enough space for it to mesh properly tsk tsk, guess im back to the 17t until the bigger spurs arrive . I have loads to do in the next couple of days so i doubt i would have time to drive it anyway. still it would have been nice if they didn’t force you to buy different spurs .



I’ve opened up the motor to see if its ok , it looks good , just the sticker has warped from the heat , the smell warned me . the motor runs ok , so fingers crossed that it is ok.

Hot Trails

isn’t she pretty


Today was super hot outside ,so i’ve waited till 5:30 pm to hit Roznik, this time i choose another  trail up , nearer to Rozna Dolina. its not as nice as the one from the Zoo , but it has a great section of tree roots , but i found it on the way back down as i too the wrong side on the fork . I’ve put two 4000 mah Turnigy lipos trough the Wraith today . Also almost managed to smoke the motor in one section with lots of fallen trees .

the conqueror of tree roots


I guess the gearing i have in it now (17/80) is still too much for the motor , i’ve ordered the 84t and 87t spur to take the stress of the motor. Will fit the 15t pinion i have to the 80t spur in the meantime. I rolled the truck a lot today , but it was mostly my bad driving. The ride was super enjoyable though, the hour and a half i’ve spent up and down the hill just flew by.

beware the vines of roznik


There are lots of small vines and ferns around Roznik , which wrap around the axle and stall everything, one could use them for winching in a pinch. The wraith is becoming my most used rc at the moment, since its too hot to go to the track , i just pack it in a back pack , hop on the bicycle and to the woods we go .

the trail of death

The trail of death will have to wait another day to be conquered. as i was returning down the hill and it started getting dark , i had a “this is awesome” moment, the sounds, the wraith with the led lights. Just perfect. Im surely going to try to get it up Smarna gora when i get the gearing right and the nanotech batteries arrive.

this is awesome !

Rebuilding the hunter


The Dual Hunter is getting a rebuild , the rear gearbox was getting quite loud, turns out the small counter gear is missing about three teeth where it connects to the pinion.  Found out why i was loosing step screws. The front axle where the 4×11.5 step screws in was very used , you could pull the screw out of the threads, no wonder it was lost. On the rear shock mount the machine screw was bent, had to pry it out with pliers, need to get a replacement flange, which might be hard to track down.  tomorrow, i will take the whole car apart and give it a thorough cleaning , so it will be ready when the new parts arrived, also ordered a little 5 euro hop up which will improve the suspension. Also it will give the opportunity install the 24t mardave motors.



Dual trailing

Today me and Jernej took an impromptu run up the same trail as yesterday, he drove the Dual hunter and I the Wraith . flipping of the shock mounts on the wraith definitely produced an improvment on the center of gravity as rolling was reduced 2/3 . I’ve lost one light bucket but, thats that , superb drive.

The Dual hunter made it trough the trail even though the diffs aren’t locked. it lost a step screw again as the one i’ve replaced it with was too short. the rear gearbox rattles a bit as one gear is damaged. will probably buy one extra set and lock the rear diff for better crawling performance.


Run to the hills ….

Today was superb , the postman dropped of the Turnigy MG1501 servo and some servo wire extensions,  both got promptly installed in the Wraith and even though its super hot outside i packed in a backpack and of we went to the woods .

The servo is stronger than my tired used blue bird, the BEC still needs  to arrive to make it even stronger .I’m hoping it will hold me over until the financial situation improves so i can get a proper high torque servo. The climb was a up the Ljubljana hill of Roznik from the zoo side , about 100meters of height difference . the 4000 mah 30c Turnigy lasted the whole climb up and 3/4 of descent , pretty good run time.

I rolled the truck a couple times (around 20), must flip the lower shock mounts so the COG gets lowered a bit. Driving was super fun, only got stuck a couple of times, mostly the axles got intwined with some vines. Also managed to climb it out of a ravine where it stopped after an epic rollover over 8 meters after a failed climb 🙂  I need to check the spur and pinion as i’ve noticed some chirping at high speed (as fast as a wraith with 17t pinion goes)

Things that need improving: steering links are too flexible , the COG is too high ,the reverse is too strong due to the broken GT3b expo , that probably needs fixing the most . I also need a bit bigger backpack as now i need to take the wheels of for carrying .

Overall verdict : fantastic truck

Servo woes

Today was the Wraith’s first terrain outing , was short but sweet . After about 5 minutes the JB Welded servo mount on the blue bird 630MG came of . It just goes to show, how much force goes true the steering . I replaced yesterdays broken stock servo horn with a futaba original one. I hope that the replacement servo arrives tomorrow.  As you can see, today the Led kit arrived and is already installed .

From what i saw of todays drive, its not the fastest vehicle, but climbing it up this rock pile was super fun. this is going to be a great vehicle ,especially for the autumn time.

note the dislodged servo



Toothless Wraith

The Wraith is complete and ready to roll, well it was ready to roll before the servo horn striped whilst testing in the apartment .  so instead of nice running shots from the outside i can only show two shots of standing on the inside .


you might notice the zip ties behind the cab, this is where the esc now sits  until i can mount it on a plate where the battery used to be . the battery is now in the front, mounted using benders technique of cutting the stock battery holder in half length wise and mounting in into the location of the stock esc. i had to trim the interior a bit for it to fit , but its not noticeable unless you look closely. its a big tight , and there might be a problem with the thicker nanotechs i have on order , but for now it works. will have to look into fabricating or buying a chassis plate so i can mount the battery even lower.


Tomorrow i have to hunt down a servo horn locally to hold me over until the aluminium replacement arrives, hopefully the led kit , servo and UBEC will also come in soon . Im quite satisfied with the paint job , since no extra euro was spent on it.  ill probably use the bluebird servo which is currently installed some time in the future when i get a dig for the wraith to improve its riding circle. first though , i need to get ahold of a programmer for the GT3b so i can fix the expos .

the toothless servo horn

Baja Prototype

The Blitzer Beetle Baja lexan shell is finished with the painting . For the first time i’ve mounted it to the chassis . I still need to clean the overspray as the kamtec shell doesn’t come with it, and apply the decals, also clean the chassis for a proper photo shoot.  I like the clean prototype look , so here’s a couple of shots . The masking isn’t perfect, but its a bitch to mask as no line is straight on this car, but Mojca did a great job non the less with the painting .




Drying in the wet

Wraith progress is slow but steady , yesterday i took the cage apart to find the longer screw i was missing. Also started the painting which continued into today,  the goal for the wraith paint job was to use leftover paints aka the “leftover special” . Today i planed  to finish the painting but a big thunder storm cooled everything down.  I’ve also modded the wraith (second mod already and the car hasn’t been run yet). i’ve replaced the tapping screws on the axles with machine screws, shame on you axial , the screws cost me 2 euro , i imagine you get them cheaper. During the installation i’ve put some m6 threaded r0d into the axles to stop them flexing. Also with Mojca’s help we have programed the ESC into crawler mode with drag brake and all .

Tomorrow , the electronics go in the box and esc gets fixed into space, also the interior will be painted along with the last layer of the wraith side panel. Oh yeah , the Blitzer Beetle Baja Shell is painted , just needs decals .

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