New worlds

Today was another nice bash with Blitzer Beetle and the Dual Hunter . Both now have the Kimbrough servo savers fitted . The Blitzer Beetle also now has a Futaba S3305 servo. its almost perfect . The Dual Hunter steering is much better now, only the straight run has to be fixed, but i trimmed it out. The shocks are still too soft for the track,but for rough terrain like today it was ok .


The terrain was a half done building site which , its a bit rough at places but has some tarmac areas as well . i think i found the perfect off road bash spot, it has everything: dust, gravel, tarmac, crawling terrain. and its really close by .


The Blitzer beetle ended up a lot on its back , the super traction tires and the power make it real easy to flip .I lost a couple of body pins and one wheel pin , had to make a makeshift one out of a hair pin. This was probably the last outing of the ABS shell , as the lexan one is almost painted. it sure took a beating, with lots of back flips on tarmac .


here’s another shot of the playground , it will also be perfect for that big package that is coming tomorrow πŸ˜€


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