Drying in the wet

Wraith progress is slow but steady , yesterday i took the cage apart to find the longer screw i was missing. Also started the painting which continued into today,  the goal for the wraith paint job was to use leftover paints aka the “leftover special” . Today i planed  to finish the painting but a big thunder storm cooled everything down.  I’ve also modded the wraith (second mod already and the car hasn’t been run yet). i’ve replaced the tapping screws on the axles with machine screws, shame on you axial , the screws cost me 2 euro , i imagine you get them cheaper. During the installation i’ve put some m6 threaded r0d into the axles to stop them flexing. Also with Mojca’s help we have programed the ESC into crawler mode with drag brake and all .

Tomorrow , the electronics go in the box and esc gets fixed into space, also the interior will be painted along with the last layer of the wraith side panel. Oh yeah , the Blitzer Beetle Baja Shell is painted , just needs decals .


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