Toothless Wraith

The Wraith is complete and ready to roll, well it was ready to roll before the servo horn striped whilst testing in the apartment .  so instead of nice running shots from the outside i can only show two shots of standing on the inside .


you might notice the zip ties behind the cab, this is where the esc now sits  until i can mount it on a plate where the battery used to be . the battery is now in the front, mounted using benders technique of cutting the stock battery holder in half length wise and mounting in into the location of the stock esc. i had to trim the interior a bit for it to fit , but its not noticeable unless you look closely. its a big tight , and there might be a problem with the thicker nanotechs i have on order , but for now it works. will have to look into fabricating or buying a chassis plate so i can mount the battery even lower.


Tomorrow i have to hunt down a servo horn locally to hold me over until the aluminium replacement arrives, hopefully the led kit , servo and UBEC will also come in soon . Im quite satisfied with the paint job , since no extra euro was spent on it.  ill probably use the bluebird servo which is currently installed some time in the future when i get a dig for the wraith to improve its riding circle. first though , i need to get ahold of a programmer for the GT3b so i can fix the expos .

the toothless servo horn


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