Run to the hills ….

Today was superb , the postman dropped of the Turnigy MG1501 servo and some servo wire extensions,  both got promptly installed in the Wraith and even though its super hot outside i packed in a backpack and of we went to the woods .

The servo is stronger than my tired used blue bird, the BEC still needs  to arrive to make it even stronger .I’m hoping it will hold me over until the financial situation improves so i can get a proper high torque servo. The climb was a up the Ljubljana hill of Roznik from the zoo side , about 100meters of height difference . the 4000 mah 30c Turnigy lasted the whole climb up and 3/4 of descent , pretty good run time.

I rolled the truck a couple times (around 20), must flip the lower shock mounts so the COG gets lowered a bit. Driving was super fun, only got stuck a couple of times, mostly the axles got intwined with some vines. Also managed to climb it out of a ravine where it stopped after an epic rollover over 8 meters after a failed climb 🙂  I need to check the spur and pinion as i’ve noticed some chirping at high speed (as fast as a wraith with 17t pinion goes)

Things that need improving: steering links are too flexible , the COG is too high ,the reverse is too strong due to the broken GT3b expo , that probably needs fixing the most . I also need a bit bigger backpack as now i need to take the wheels of for carrying .

Overall verdict : fantastic truck

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