Hot Trails

isn’t she pretty


Today was super hot outside ,so i’ve waited till 5:30 pm to hit Roznik, this time i choose another  trail up , nearer to Rozna Dolina. its not as nice as the one from the Zoo , but it has a great section of tree roots , but i found it on the way back down as i too the wrong side on the fork . I’ve put two 4000 mah Turnigy lipos trough the Wraith today . Also almost managed to smoke the motor in one section with lots of fallen trees .

the conqueror of tree roots


I guess the gearing i have in it now (17/80) is still too much for the motor , i’ve ordered the 84t and 87t spur to take the stress of the motor. Will fit the 15t pinion i have to the 80t spur in the meantime. I rolled the truck a lot today , but it was mostly my bad driving. The ride was super enjoyable though, the hour and a half i’ve spent up and down the hill just flew by.

beware the vines of roznik


There are lots of small vines and ferns around Roznik , which wrap around the axle and stall everything, one could use them for winching in a pinch. The wraith is becoming my most used rc at the moment, since its too hot to go to the track , i just pack it in a back pack , hop on the bicycle and to the woods we go .

the trail of death

The trail of death will have to wait another day to be conquered. as i was returning down the hill and it started getting dark , i had a “this is awesome” moment, the sounds, the wraith with the led lights. Just perfect. Im surely going to try to get it up Smarna gora when i get the gearing right and the nanotech batteries arrive.

this is awesome !

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