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powered up… finally

sorry for no posting, but i’ve been busy with work , the weather was shite and on the weekend i was sick.

Yesterday i’ve set to finally install the Castle BEC in the Wraith, but i’ve ran into an odd glitch .  When everything was wired up the motor would run fine forward but stutter in reverse.

here’s how it looked

i’ve tried everything , two different wiring methods (with Y splitter powering servo only, powering the receiver), nothing worked . Even tried a Tamiya TEU-101BK , which worked , so i knew it the ESC’s fault, and since money is tight i do not fancy changing ESCs right now. anyways , i’ve solved it today with a 1 euro part , a Ferrite ring on the Castle BEC lead solved it all. Excellent 😀

i’ve now done the preliminary wiring, waiting for a couple more items before i make it permanent. The truck is ready to ride though, so tomorrow if weather permitting, on to roznik .

Check out the nifty Wraith stand my dad made me !


GT3b Strap Mount mod

Putting the GT3b transmitter down every time i wanted to take a picture has been bothering me for a while. Today i’ve decided to do something about it and add a strap mount to it .

what you need is:

-1 eyelet bolt

-2 washers

-1 nut

-1 nylock nut

i used an M6 size since this was the smallest the hardware store had . total cost was 1.40 for all. i had to cut the eyelet down to size since the provided one was too long.

what you need

The case of the GT3b is a bit tight so the front part near the screw was the only option available . i took a reamer and made 6mm hole and assembled the mount. its solid, the big eyelet allows for a better strap attachment to be used . i am quite pleased . one word of advice though, try to not brake the antenna cable like i did when dissembling

the finished product – GT3b strap mount



Took advantage of the nice weather today and spent two hours on Roznik today, found a nice route circular route from the Rozna Dolina side.  nothing to note, maybe that i need to mount a strap to the transmitter, so i can have hands free when taking pictures. Also need to set the drag brake to stronger now as stoping it on a hill requires braking. Did impress some small kids though when i was climbing a tight tree stump.

Enjoy the moody gloomy shots.


Autumn is coming

Went with Mojca to Roznik via the zoo route. Autumn is definetly knocking , the woods are getting more and more brownish . The ground was relatively wet so climbing was fun , the extra torque works lovely. Also the battery life is improved with the gt tuned over the kenjo drift, i made it up and down Roznik with the 5300 Nanotech. only issue was that the servo horn loosened it self twice, ill get a Robitronic replacement when i go to Schweighofer in October, for now ill just replace the screw and hope for the best.

same photo spot as before, note the progress 🙂


Can you dig it ?

with a Dig it is much much better

This is going to be more a picture post , i’ve installed everything received yesterday. test ran it outside the house . The only thing im waiting for now is the Castle BEC , as the hobbywing BEC didn’t cut with the Savöx SA-1283SG Digital , lots and lots of glitching, even the glitch buster didn’t help.  The castle should be here Monday, but until then ill run it without.

with the 25t GT Tuned motor, she is a bit slower , but much much more torquey 🙂

The Savöx SA-1283SG Digital servo is something different, even running from the power of the ESC its at 24kg

the droop kit works lovely, rolling is reduced even more . i had to set ride height a bit higher to get full compression on the shocks

i need to cut a hole into the tray so i can route the motor cables down the center. The esc got a bit warm during the testing , ill need to monitor it during the first run , but those fins do the job

the cable jumble is temporary , as i am waiting for the castle BEC to arrive , also had to cut a bit of the rear interior, so the upper link will clear it at full compression.

sitting much lower than stock , with the flipped shock mounts and droop kit , but still didn’t have to cut the hood

the vanquish steering is a great improvement , i have to adjust it though so its angled up so it clears the diff case


just as the weather turned sour a package arrived , actually two. Lets start with the first

from Spain and an Ebay Seller Eloy Pinto

a pair of Wraith Aluminium trays and his custom droop kit, which allows the hood to stay on without cutting. Solid CNC stuff with all the needed screws .


And the second, from :

1 x VPS03110 Vanquish Products Titanium Tie Rod $16.99

1 x VPS03100 Vanquish Products Titanium Drag Link $9.99

1 x AXI30793 Axial Dig Upgrade Set $34.99

and the best thing about all this . The shipping was $0.59 , Yes 59 cents . took 10 days to get here , had to pay customs, but its still a kick ass deal for the Vanquish parts for which everybody else charges lots for shipping. Definitely my new go to place for parts in the US. With shipping like that, there is no down side, and they stock lots and lots of stuff.

ah yes, on Tuesday , GLS dropped of a Savöx SA-1283SG Digital Servo . more on that and the above parts to follow tomorrow .



today was not a good day ! period.

whilst i succeeded in putting the wraith electronics in a project box in the back , that was about it with the good stuff.

i tested the Wraith outside and the motor lost rpms after 10 minutes, the internet says that the magnets lost their magnetism because of overheating the other day . i switched the motor to a lrp i had laying around and whilst i was testing it out in the apartment , i stripped the servo gears ! #@%%@$^#$%^@#$ .

was forced to spend the whole RC budget for October since i can’t afford to let the Wraith stand during the last nice days. Schweighoffer to the rescue.

on the Dual Hunter front, i’ve rebuilt the gearboxes, locked the rear diff , did some drilling. im still missing the dang flanged tubes for the shock mounts. thats one of those things which no one seems to have.

it can’t get any worse can it ?

The Wraith rideth

The Wraith is back, currently running with a 48dp 87 spur and 17 pinion,  lets see if that makes it run cooler ,all logic dictates that it should , also less top speed and more torque, torque is good 🙂

i’ve installed an aluminium clamp style servo horn , i also put an hobbywing ubec in but its causing severe glitching / stutter on the throttle channel , atm its wired directly into the receiver , ill try a glitch buster and a y harness if i can get it tomorrow, if not the ubec gets removed for the time being , and of we go to the woods tommorow , if the rain stops that is.

oh yeah, i’ve also “fixed” the GT3b transmitter so now the expos work as they should, also the Nanotech 5300 2s fits into the modified front compartment , its a bit tight with the receiver box in the stock position, but that will get moved a bit forward when i get the plate.

climbing mount couch

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