The Wraith rideth

The Wraith is back, currently running with a 48dp 87 spur and 17 pinion,  lets see if that makes it run cooler ,all logic dictates that it should , also less top speed and more torque, torque is good 🙂

i’ve installed an aluminium clamp style servo horn , i also put an hobbywing ubec in but its causing severe glitching / stutter on the throttle channel , atm its wired directly into the receiver , ill try a glitch buster and a y harness if i can get it tomorrow, if not the ubec gets removed for the time being , and of we go to the woods tommorow , if the rain stops that is.

oh yeah, i’ve also “fixed” the GT3b transmitter so now the expos work as they should, also the Nanotech 5300 2s fits into the modified front compartment , its a bit tight with the receiver box in the stock position, but that will get moved a bit forward when i get the plate.

climbing mount couch


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