today was not a good day ! period.

whilst i succeeded in putting the wraith electronics in a project box in the back , that was about it with the good stuff.

i tested the Wraith outside and the motor lost rpms after 10 minutes, the internet says that the magnets lost their magnetism because of overheating the other day . i switched the motor to a lrp i had laying around and whilst i was testing it out in the apartment , i stripped the servo gears ! #@%%@$^#$%^@#$ .

was forced to spend the whole RC budget for October since i can’t afford to let the Wraith stand during the last nice days. Schweighoffer to the rescue.

on the Dual Hunter front, i’ve rebuilt the gearboxes, locked the rear diff , did some drilling. im still missing the dang flanged tubes for the shock mounts. thats one of those things which no one seems to have.

it can’t get any worse can it ?


One thought on “Curses

  1. Craig says:

    You still modding the Dual Hunter, Got a stock one and would like to know how to proceed with the shock upgrade? Did you manage to stiffen the suspension up some more?Cheers Craig

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