just as the weather turned sour a package arrived , actually two. Lets start with the first

from Spain and an Ebay Seller Eloy Pinto

a pair of Wraith Aluminium trays and his custom droop kit, which allows the hood to stay on without cutting. Solid CNC stuff with all the needed screws .


And the second, from :

1 x VPS03110 Vanquish Products Titanium Tie Rod $16.99

1 x VPS03100 Vanquish Products Titanium Drag Link $9.99

1 x AXI30793 Axial Dig Upgrade Set $34.99

and the best thing about all this . The shipping was $0.59 , Yes 59 cents . took 10 days to get here , had to pay customs, but its still a kick ass deal for the Vanquish parts for which everybody else charges lots for shipping. Definitely my new go to place for parts in the US. With shipping like that, there is no down side, and they stock lots and lots of stuff.

ah yes, on Tuesday , GLS dropped of a Savöx SA-1283SG Digital Servo . more on that and the above parts to follow tomorrow .


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