Can you dig it ?

with a Dig it is much much better

This is going to be more a picture post , i’ve installed everything received yesterday. test ran it outside the house . The only thing im waiting for now is the Castle BEC , as the hobbywing BEC didn’t cut with the Savöx SA-1283SG Digital , lots and lots of glitching, even the glitch buster didn’t help.  The castle should be here Monday, but until then ill run it without.

with the 25t GT Tuned motor, she is a bit slower , but much much more torquey 🙂

The Savöx SA-1283SG Digital servo is something different, even running from the power of the ESC its at 24kg

the droop kit works lovely, rolling is reduced even more . i had to set ride height a bit higher to get full compression on the shocks

i need to cut a hole into the tray so i can route the motor cables down the center. The esc got a bit warm during the testing , ill need to monitor it during the first run , but those fins do the job

the cable jumble is temporary , as i am waiting for the castle BEC to arrive , also had to cut a bit of the rear interior, so the upper link will clear it at full compression.

sitting much lower than stock , with the flipped shock mounts and droop kit , but still didn’t have to cut the hood

the vanquish steering is a great improvement , i have to adjust it though so its angled up so it clears the diff case


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