GT3b Strap Mount mod

Putting the GT3b transmitter down every time i wanted to take a picture has been bothering me for a while. Today i’ve decided to do something about it and add a strap mount to it .

what you need is:

-1 eyelet bolt

-2 washers

-1 nut

-1 nylock nut

i used an M6 size since this was the smallest the hardware store had . total cost was 1.40 for all. i had to cut the eyelet down to size since the provided one was too long.

what you need

The case of the GT3b is a bit tight so the front part near the screw was the only option available . i took a reamer and made 6mm hole and assembled the mount. its solid, the big eyelet allows for a better strap attachment to be used . i am quite pleased . one word of advice though, try to not brake the antenna cable like i did when dissembling

the finished product – GT3b strap mount



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