powered up… finally

sorry for no posting, but i’ve been busy with work , the weather was shite and on the weekend i was sick.

Yesterday i’ve set to finally install the Castle BEC in the Wraith, but i’ve ran into an odd glitch .  When everything was wired up the motor would run fine forward but stutter in reverse.

here’s how it looked

i’ve tried everything , two different wiring methods (with Y splitter powering servo only, powering the receiver), nothing worked . Even tried a Tamiya TEU-101BK , which worked , so i knew it the ESC’s fault, and since money is tight i do not fancy changing ESCs right now. anyways , i’ve solved it today with a 1 euro part , a Ferrite ring on the Castle BEC lead solved it all. Excellent 😀

i’ve now done the preliminary wiring, waiting for a couple more items before i make it permanent. The truck is ready to ride though, so tomorrow if weather permitting, on to roznik .

Check out the nifty Wraith stand my dad made me !


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