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its a roller

Update on the SCX-10

its rolling finally, the rebuild wasn’t that bad but somehow very time intensive , also did not have much time last week.

well , here it is :


rolling , but a bit short on the wheelbase


things to do :

– change the wheel base to the correct length, atm its not right for this shell , because its set up for the dingo , and the cherokee is 300mm

– strip the shell of the paint , so i can repaint it , already made some progress on that but im running out of tamiya polycarbote cleaner so i’ve ordered some autosmart tardis which is a bit more economical , hope it works.

– repaint the shell , going to go with a combo of Copper and Black

– cut the shell to fit the bumpers properly .

– for stage two , fit the metal grill and front light buckets .

removing lexan paint can be a tedious process

i’ve only ran it in the living room as the weather has gone pete tong at the moment .





for the last week i have been busy with the rebuild of the SCX10, the former owner was neglecting it a bit, its really dirty , well it was really dirty, now its clean and in pieces.


i’ve replaced some of the tapping screws with machine hex ones, also having built the wraith before one can see the price difference. im not saying its a cheap kit but it you can see why its a bit cheaper than the wraith kit .Working on it is similar to the wraith and is nothing special , one thing that annoyed were the flanged tubes in the steering knuckles, keeping those in when reinstalling them was a fun 5 minute experience of fiddling and swearing. the screws on the knuckles were one of those which i replaced to machine thread ones.


eventually i need to replace the dog bones to universals up front to get more steering angle .  The truck was missing a couple of screws, i don’t know if was the previous owner or what but all is replaced now thanks to the local screw shop.  one of the mods being done to the truck is the drilling trough of the input and output shafts so they can accept the set screw as the wraith, this rtr version of mine is the older one with just grub screws to hold the driveshaft on the shafts. this back out a lot and a really a design flaw. My dad is doing the drilling as write this and the shafts will be back here tomorrow. getting one of the shafts out was a bit of a problem as the grub screw was stripped as it was over torqued, after i’ve finally got the screw out with a 1/16 ball head hex driver the shaft would not budge, it was packed with so much loctite that it created a ridge. a lot of elbow grease later it was out some how.

mirrored scx-10 transmission to prevent torque twist


i’ve also mirrored the transmission, which help to prevent torque twist . But the most time intensive thing was rebuilding the shocks. first of all, the bumper stops were 10mm instead of the 8mm they should be , after i’ve cut that , i filled them as per instructions , but that resulted in too stiff shocks as they were over filled, then i’ve under filled them which made them have too much air in them. Then i’ve found instructions on how to bleed them by placing them on the sides with the the cap not screwed down to the end and now they are butter smooth. I might get some softer larger springs later on though , will see.


also i have moved the battery plate forward , but i might need to move the electronics back as supposedly it rubs with the 4 link , but i need to make the links first and the rod ends are still in transit. if all goes according to plan tomorrow night we might have a rolling chassis.




Scale it up

so… long time no post , weather has been absolute poop. I’ve only managed to run the wraith once during the whole time , but it was a nice trailing session with a new friend who has a Summit . I would say that the Wraith is a better specialized vehicle, mine especially with the added hop ups, but the Summit has a certain charm with its two speed and the over powerful motor my friend put in , wish he would have gone for a sensored one though since it cogs a lot .

enough of that , on to the good stuff…


This is what i aquired  today:

– Axial AX90012 SCX-10 Dingo RTR . 

its the old SCX-10 RTR with the newer AE-2 ESC and the 2.4 Ghz remote (its the cheaper Flysky rebrand , so Mojca will also use it in her TT01E, no more antenna problems), it also included a proline underbody , interior and Cherokee body shell. The proline stuff is actually really nice ,but its painted to a lower standard than me and Mojca are used to. ill probably sell of the Dingo body if there is an interest.

The Scx-10 chassis will be used for a Land Rover defender version a special custom build, which i will reveal later, really looking forward to that, as it should be unique.

Tonight ill strip the truck and see how its all put together, then on the first day of good weather, its of to the woods 🙂



i know i know, another Wraith post , isn’t this blog called SPS Tamiya ??  well, i am currently pre obsessed with the Wraith , that is true , blame it on the Crawler bug, but  also i am saving the Tamiyas for when the weather gets bad, so ill have something to post , so bare with me . There is plenty of the good stuff still coming, just need to get some parts in.

Back to the Wraith, last week i did the cable braiding on the front cables, so they don’t stand out that much , quite satisfied with that, about 2 meters of braiding went into this, its not finished, since i’ve ran out of braiding, but more is on the way . lets say it’s 2/3 done. the only thing that needs improving is the battery connection, the current cables are too bulky, need to work on that . The wiring is provisonal on the back, because i need to decide on how to hide it, and since i’ve braced the rear shock mount with two axial black links the clearance is a bit tight for an usual project box.

much much cleaner wiring now.

On Saturday i went to run the Wraith, got it all set up , just too find out that transmitter battery was empty, swearing ensured. turns out that i’ve set the Low voltage alarm too low so that didn’t kick in and the battery got dangerously discharged, luckily not fatal. i’ve fixed that and set the in-activity alarm on the hacked GT3b (one of the many nifty features the hacked firmware allows). I’ve lost a wheel nut today whilst dissembling the Wraith , so i can fit it into my backpack. Also need to find a way of cleaning the tires of mud after the run.

on my “workbench” in the woods, note the muddy tires

and now, for those who are truly interested, here are the 3 not so short and boring movies i made today. the frame is a bit static, but i don’t have a GoPro on hand. So here we go, featuring the dig , the hacked GT3b , me coughing and a couple of rolls down the hill. nothing broke 😀

and hats of to you if you make it trough all of them, they are nothing special, but this is what my Wraith is, and as Jang from URC said: “go and find some unedited videos of the Wraith on youtube and see if you like it”. i did , and i do like , i love it !

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