i know i know, another Wraith post , isn’t this blog called SPS Tamiya ??  well, i am currently pre obsessed with the Wraith , that is true , blame it on the Crawler bug, but  also i am saving the Tamiyas for when the weather gets bad, so ill have something to post , so bare with me . There is plenty of the good stuff still coming, just need to get some parts in.

Back to the Wraith, last week i did the cable braiding on the front cables, so they don’t stand out that much , quite satisfied with that, about 2 meters of braiding went into this, its not finished, since i’ve ran out of braiding, but more is on the way . lets say it’s 2/3 done. the only thing that needs improving is the battery connection, the current cables are too bulky, need to work on that . The wiring is provisonal on the back, because i need to decide on how to hide it, and since i’ve braced the rear shock mount with two axial black links the clearance is a bit tight for an usual project box.

much much cleaner wiring now.

On Saturday i went to run the Wraith, got it all set up , just too find out that transmitter battery was empty, swearing ensured. turns out that i’ve set the Low voltage alarm too low so that didn’t kick in and the battery got dangerously discharged, luckily not fatal. i’ve fixed that and set the in-activity alarm on the hacked GT3b (one of the many nifty features the hacked firmware allows). I’ve lost a wheel nut today whilst dissembling the Wraith , so i can fit it into my backpack. Also need to find a way of cleaning the tires of mud after the run.

on my “workbench” in the woods, note the muddy tires

and now, for those who are truly interested, here are the 3 not so short and boring movies i made today. the frame is a bit static, but i don’t have a GoPro on hand. So here we go, featuring the dig , the hacked GT3b , me coughing and a couple of rolls down the hill. nothing broke 😀

and hats of to you if you make it trough all of them, they are nothing special, but this is what my Wraith is, and as Jang from URC said: “go and find some unedited videos of the Wraith on youtube and see if you like it”. i did , and i do like , i love it !


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