Scale it up

so… long time no post , weather has been absolute poop. I’ve only managed to run the wraith once during the whole time , but it was a nice trailing session with a new friend who has a Summit . I would say that the Wraith is a better specialized vehicle, mine especially with the added hop ups, but the Summit has a certain charm with its two speed and the over powerful motor my friend put in , wish he would have gone for a sensored one though since it cogs a lot .

enough of that , on to the good stuff…


This is what i aquired  today:

– Axial AX90012 SCX-10 Dingo RTR . 

its the old SCX-10 RTR with the newer AE-2 ESC and the 2.4 Ghz remote (its the cheaper Flysky rebrand , so Mojca will also use it in her TT01E, no more antenna problems), it also included a proline underbody , interior and Cherokee body shell. The proline stuff is actually really nice ,but its painted to a lower standard than me and Mojca are used to. ill probably sell of the Dingo body if there is an interest.

The Scx-10 chassis will be used for a Land Rover defender version a special custom build, which i will reveal later, really looking forward to that, as it should be unique.

Tonight ill strip the truck and see how its all put together, then on the first day of good weather, its of to the woods 🙂



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