its a roller

Update on the SCX-10

its rolling finally, the rebuild wasn’t that bad but somehow very time intensive , also did not have much time last week.

well , here it is :


rolling , but a bit short on the wheelbase


things to do :

– change the wheel base to the correct length, atm its not right for this shell , because its set up for the dingo , and the cherokee is 300mm

– strip the shell of the paint , so i can repaint it , already made some progress on that but im running out of tamiya polycarbote cleaner so i’ve ordered some autosmart tardis which is a bit more economical , hope it works.

– repaint the shell , going to go with a combo of Copper and Black

– cut the shell to fit the bumpers properly .

– for stage two , fit the metal grill and front light buckets .

removing lexan paint can be a tedious process

i’ve only ran it in the living room as the weather has gone pete tong at the moment .



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