no , not the doctor who Tardis… AutoSmart Tardis.

what is the AutoSmart Tardis, its a way to remove paint from a lexan body in a more economical way than the Tamiya Polycarbonate body cleaner .

it works ! behold the result :



Note : this body was painted with a tamiya acrylic paint, not the lexan one, but im sure it works as well for that as well , will report on that later .

The Tardis does have a minus though , it stinks really badly! make sure your cleaning area is well ventilated . if possible even wear a face mask when working with it .  i need to get a mask , feeling a bit tipsy , but not in a good way .


i’ve cleaned most of the body in about 30 mins , still need to do the other side . it works really well, if i didn’t care about the decals i would just soak the whole body in it .  now i spray it , let it soak for a bit then  wipe with a paper towel . in the tight spots i’ve used a cheap brush

i am almost done with the truck , used a bit of the tardis, but its cheap .  will finish up tomorrow, but i am already very satisfied with the result! A big thanks to Darren for getting this for me !




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