Link up

Today i made my own links for the Wraith and SCX-10 (well , i did the SCX-10 yesterday , but no matter)


Made my own links !


Its quite simple: all you need is a dremel, m4 threaded rod, aluminium tube and some rod ends (Traxxas 5347) and 4mm tapper .

1. tapp the rod ends

2. measure and cut the threaded rod

3. put together and measure the aluminium tube size then disassemble

4. cut the aluminium tube and put it back together

its not as pretty as the aluminium ones from the manufacturers , but its a whole lot cheaper, and you get to fabricate something.

wraith DIY upper links

a word of advice, make sure you wear safety glasses when using the dremel !! lots of small hot particles will be painful if you catch in the eye for example. i also managed to destroy a couple of cutting disks as i had problems with the locking nut . a new nut was acquired and now its a pleasure to work.

The Wraith now has all metal links, one of the plastic ones was broken a bit , at the next rougher tumble it might have snapped , no worries now .

proper steering links for the SCX-10

Tomorrow , ill make the links for the SCX10 necessary for the 4 link suspension. Just replacing the steering links from the bendy plastic will kill the servo quicker , but driving it now is as night and day, when the servo goes ill just replace it with a 15kg one i have spare .

here’s a nice video from  Dribble @ RCSparks on making your own links, which should clear up any questions, i’ve used it myself before starting the process .



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