Boiling Oranges

Phew, didn’t look like much but these wheels gave me a work out , mostly with the bead lock screws, but boiling them also was fun.

i used the boiling method of removing the glued tires because supposedly its the least stinky one.

its simple, bring some water to boil , add the glued tire and wheel, boil for about 8 minute per side , remove and cool down with water then gently pull the bead away from the wheel , you should hear some cracking . if you still get some stuck parts boil it some more .After you are done , clean the glue from the tires with acetone.  Because i glued the tires poorly the first time i did manage to remove the foams so those didn’t get wet , i guess sloppy work is good for something 🙂

the boiling method

After the boiling came the fun part of the bead lock screws , oh boy , i need to get hex tips so i can use a drill ,  almost an hour for 48 screws is too much !



The wider stance and the wheel weights should improve crawling performance a lot !

Two more before and after shots, note the wider stance

stock Axial Wraith Kit wheels

Axial Rockstars 2.2 wheels


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