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Lets Review 2012

its time to review the year 2012 .

Blog stats:

– started on February 25 2012 , about two to three weeks after i got back into it RC .

– it had bout 4200 views 

– the most popular day was the 28th of October with 78 views

– Visitors came from 73 countries ! Most came from Slovenia. The United States & The United Kingdom were not far behind.

– 265 pictures uploaded ,thats 5 per week.


top 20 countries

RC Stats:

– i own 15 RC vehicles, 12 Tamiyas, 2 Axials, 1 HPI

– i bought 2 kits this year, 8new ones and 4 used , out of the each there was one RTR

– i sold 5 kits, everything nitro had to go 

– painted 11 bodies , mojca did the decals on 5 

– Custom paint jobs : 3

– used up 25 cans of Tamiya PS paint 

– toasted two motors and one esc

– puffed one lipo

– rolled at least 100 times 

– lost many pins and screws 

– spent …. Too much !


– Onroad : TA03F followed by TA04SS

– Offroad : Blitzer Beetle followed by Dual Hunter

– Crawler : Wraith followed by SCX10

– Color : Tamiya PS-14 Copper

– Motor: Tamiya GT Tuned followed by Turnigy TrackStar 10.5T Sensored Brushless Motor

– ESC:  Hobbyking Sensored 60A followed by Tamiya Teu302BK

– Tool : 3racing ball cup tool followed by Eagle Racing Hex driver set 


Uncompleted projects:

– TB01 Rebuild

– DF03 Rebuild

– Dual Hunter Rebuild

– Wraith hood mod

– Blitzer Beetle Racing shell 

Pushed into 2013: 

– Motor and ESC change for the Wraith

– improve steering on SCX10

– Build TL01

– Build FF02

– Build FF01

– Rebuild FF01

– make custom battery holder for TA03F Pro

– do a proper showcase for each model

– film more

– drive more

– crawl more

spend less !!!!!

– get a tb03, a m05 for me and mojca, a rc4wd trailfinder 2, and another car for Mojca ,all if the money situation allows.

– get a soldering station

– get a GT3c for Mojca and dual duty for the SCX10


All that is left for me, is to thank you my dear readers, and wish you a happy and prosperous RC year 2013 ! 

Thank you !





Lets start with a picture , as you will notice the Cherokee now sports an under tray , it took a while to adapt it to the super cut wheel arches ,  i need a lexan sheet to fill the cut out bits , but it looks good now, scale look is improved ! Also , i’ve squished the aluminium tube on the steering link to get it to clear a bit more, for a better steering throw. Thats the best i can without new parts.

Today me and Mojca took the crawlers out to an old abandoned quarry , lots of fun , a bit cold hence the tires don’t grip.



The Wraith needs a new ESC badly , it seems that the HPI one i have in just doesn’t like to work anymore, it gets really twitchy at moments.

Mojca got a first proper taste of crawling , and according to her she likes it . Good !



Even though the terrain was either too challenging for the weather we still had fun on this one simple bit . Great times, cut a bit short with a SCX10 breakage .



Damage Report:

The SCX10 right lower link stripped out of the traxxas rod end, it might have been a bit of my fault for tapping it too much. The only problem  is that im out of Traxxas rod ends and to get them locally is robbery price wise , so ill need to order some from the US , in the mean time ill put a spare axial rod end in.

Also lost one of the screws on the hood of the wraith, so a magnet mod will be in order .


Fender Bender

Today was the glorious first ride of the Cherokee SCX10, its been a long time coming .

Yesterday the last pre-requisite was completed yesterday , that was the enlarging of the wheel wells to accommodate flex.

cue the pictures…










I need to improve the steering throw, but that will require some parts…

Sticky Waterproofing

Lets start with the mail call first:

today a Hitec HS-5646WP Water proof servo arrived from Scheweighofer  , its for the SCX10 , at 7.4 it outputs 12.9kg , i hope its enough, it is the strongest trully waterproof servo available right now, so it will have to do .

i just wish it wasn't blue

i just wish it wasn’t blue

and now to the messy part:

i’ve packed both axles with some grease to water proof  them.  The grease is super greasy and sticky and it stinks, it also takes a lot of degreaser to get it of your hands. It was a messy job .

after applying way too much grease

after applying way too much grease

Tomorrow, im picking up some balloons for the electronics. Then finally the scx10 gets its first run. Finally. Then all we need is some snow to fall again ….



SCX10 update.

Mojca graciously agreed to cut the front bumper on the Cherokee so it now fits more flush with the dingo bumper. i have an option of using the  honcho bumper as well , but i need to fix the bracket for raising the scx10 bumper . i got if from radshape and it works fine , but the way its designed makes it that if you flip it around the bumper mount gets a bit of a down angle .

a bit of a down angle

a bit of a down angle

The rear was only cut as much so that the rear bumper fits really flush , i quite like the look. Now i have proper rear lights until i can find some rear light buckets .

flush rear bumper

flush rear bumper

It’s snowing outside so i cant really run it yet, but the cherokee is mostly done . i need to get some balloons to waterproof the electronics and some grease to waterproof the servo.


the cut front bumper gives a more realistic look.


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