SCX10 update.

Mojca graciously agreed to cut the front bumper on the Cherokee so it now fits more flush with the dingo bumper. i have an option of using the  honcho bumper as well , but i need to fix the bracket for raising the scx10 bumper . i got if from radshape and it works fine , but the way its designed makes it that if you flip it around the bumper mount gets a bit of a down angle .

a bit of a down angle

a bit of a down angle

The rear was only cut as much so that the rear bumper fits really flush , i quite like the look. Now i have proper rear lights until i can find some rear light buckets .

flush rear bumper

flush rear bumper

It’s snowing outside so i cant really run it yet, but the cherokee is mostly done . i need to get some balloons to waterproof the electronics and some grease to waterproof the servo.


the cut front bumper gives a more realistic look.


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