Lets start with a picture , as you will notice the Cherokee now sports an under tray , it took a while to adapt it to the super cut wheel arches ,  i need a lexan sheet to fill the cut out bits , but it looks good now, scale look is improved ! Also , i’ve squished the aluminium tube on the steering link to get it to clear a bit more, for a better steering throw. Thats the best i can without new parts.

Today me and Mojca took the crawlers out to an old abandoned quarry , lots of fun , a bit cold hence the tires don’t grip.



The Wraith needs a new ESC badly , it seems that the HPI one i have in just doesn’t like to work anymore, it gets really twitchy at moments.

Mojca got a first proper taste of crawling , and according to her she likes it . Good !



Even though the terrain was either too challenging for the weather we still had fun on this one simple bit . Great times, cut a bit short with a SCX10 breakage .



Damage Report:

The SCX10 right lower link stripped out of the traxxas rod end, it might have been a bit of my fault for tapping it too much. The only problem  is that im out of Traxxas rod ends and to get them locally is robbery price wise , so ill need to order some from the US , in the mean time ill put a spare axial rod end in.

Also lost one of the screws on the hood of the wraith, so a magnet mod will be in order .



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