Lets Review 2012

its time to review the year 2012 .

Blog stats:

– started on February 25 2012 , about two to three weeks after i got back into it RC .

– it had bout 4200 views 

– the most popular day was the 28th of October with 78 views

– Visitors came from 73 countries ! Most came from Slovenia. The United States & The United Kingdom were not far behind.

– 265 pictures uploaded ,thats 5 per week.


top 20 countries

RC Stats:

– i own 15 RC vehicles, 12 Tamiyas, 2 Axials, 1 HPI

– i bought 2 kits this year, 8new ones and 4 used , out of the each there was one RTR

– i sold 5 kits, everything nitro had to go 

– painted 11 bodies , mojca did the decals on 5 

– Custom paint jobs : 3

– used up 25 cans of Tamiya PS paint 

– toasted two motors and one esc

– puffed one lipo

– rolled at least 100 times 

– lost many pins and screws 

– spent …. Too much !


– Onroad : TA03F followed by TA04SS

– Offroad : Blitzer Beetle followed by Dual Hunter

– Crawler : Wraith followed by SCX10

– Color : Tamiya PS-14 Copper

– Motor: Tamiya GT Tuned followed by Turnigy TrackStar 10.5T Sensored Brushless Motor

– ESC:  Hobbyking Sensored 60A followed by Tamiya Teu302BK

– Tool : 3racing ball cup tool followed by Eagle Racing Hex driver set 


Uncompleted projects:

– TB01 Rebuild

– DF03 Rebuild

– Dual Hunter Rebuild

– Wraith hood mod

– Blitzer Beetle Racing shell 

Pushed into 2013: 

– Motor and ESC change for the Wraith

– improve steering on SCX10

– Build TL01

– Build FF02

– Build FF01

– Rebuild FF01

– make custom battery holder for TA03F Pro

– do a proper showcase for each model

– film more

– drive more

– crawl more

spend less !!!!!

– get a tb03, a m05 for me and mojca, a rc4wd trailfinder 2, and another car for Mojca ,all if the money situation allows.

– get a soldering station

– get a GT3c for Mojca and dual duty for the SCX10


All that is left for me, is to thank you my dear readers, and wish you a happy and prosperous RC year 2013 ! 

Thank you !


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