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Today 365 days ago this blog got started, today i present :


The Wraith Hood hinged mod

things you will need :

– 6.4mm Cable clamps , i’ve used these from Conrad

– magnets, got them from my dad.

– M3 bolts normal and countersunk, washers and nuts

– a reamer

– a Dremel or X-acto knife

– Shoe Goo


clamps left on for illustration.

Shave or dremel the plastic bumps on the frame where the original screws went into. Afterwards drill the holes to 3mm and tap them (or just use self tapping screws), screw in two countersunk bolts in the front holes.

careful when reaming holes

careful when reaming holes

Ream the two new holes for the cable clamps, be careful of their placement as i’ve managed to do them a bit of center. Screw in the two bolts, i’ve used m3x10, then a washer,  cable clamp, then the lock nut. Adjust so its centered, then tighten down, but not too much.

a bit of shoe goo goes a long way

a bit of shoe goo goes a long way

Screw in the button head bolts into the existing mount holes, ream them bigger if necessary, add a nut on the other side and put a mark on the bolt thread, so you can cut of the the bit which extrudes. Remove the bolts and dremel them to size, put them back and add the nuts, tighten but not too much. Glue the magnets with a bit of shoe goo so it connects to the nut. Repeat on the other side.

no extra holes :D

no extra holes 😀

You are done !  The hood opens easily but its still tight enough to not be opened after a crash (still pending testing). If more security will be required then i’ll add the magnets to the upper screw area of the original .

Changing batteries with this mod should be easier, and no more lost screws …

The Wraith Hinged Hood

The Wraith Hinged Hood


Snow Patrol

Just a quick picture of the test run tonight in the snow .

The waterproofing held up fine , the floor pan helps a lot, even with the cut rear wheel wells. The snow is too soft and brittle to climb it so its like driving on sand , you get stuck a lot if you don’t keep your speed or go for the too high snow.

All went fine, i’m satisfied !


MMP Report … not so good

a picture is worth more than a thousand words right …


Why are there no new posts about the Wraith and its awesome brushless power and why is there a brushed Tamiya GT Tuned still in the Wraith transmission and connected to the MMP ?

Because my MMP and the Tekin 13.5t don’t want to work together in sensored mode , in sensorless its fine , but in sensored it cogs at low RPM . With the power of elimination i’ve concluded that its the sensored part of the Mamba Max Pro , the connector itself is fine , it just does want to work . Castle support says i have to send it in and pay the 75$ flat repair fee to get a new/refurbished one .

It seems I bought a Lemon , bummer . Im trying to get the seller to refund 20 eur , to help towards the repair costs , but he hasn’t responded for a day now , it would be fair ,but there is not much i can do besides appealing to him or filing a paypal claim . So Nasos, you seemed like a decent guy according to your emails, do the right thing !

here’s a video of the cogging itself , ignore the bad gear mesh.

In the background of the picture you can see my new dirt cheap soldering station, but more on that later .

MMP and Tekin Redline 13.5t

this is what arrived yesterday :

-an used Mamba Max Pro and Tekin Redline 13.5t for the Wraith

-a GT POWER LED kit to test it out how it works with the hacked GT3b as its supposed not to work properly with the normal GT3b because of the operating speed (22ms), the hacked version should be down to 20ms



I’ve already removed the connectors and soldered the proper ones on ,  but at the moment im experiencing cogging at low speed, i think the included sensor cable is bad , so i need to get a new one to eliminate the culprit , in the worst case the sensor port on the MMP is bad or the sensor on the motor . That will not be optimal but it will not be the end as i can use the mmp in brushed mode or try to fix the sensor port or replace the sensor on the motor itself .


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