MMP and Tekin Redline 13.5t

this is what arrived yesterday :

-an used Mamba Max Pro and Tekin Redline 13.5t for the Wraith

-a GT POWER LED kit to test it out how it works with the hacked GT3b as its supposed not to work properly with the normal GT3b because of the operating speed (22ms), the hacked version should be down to 20ms



I’ve already removed the connectors and soldered the proper ones on ,  but at the moment im experiencing cogging at low speed, i think the included sensor cable is bad , so i need to get a new one to eliminate the culprit , in the worst case the sensor port on the MMP is bad or the sensor on the motor . That will not be optimal but it will not be the end as i can use the mmp in brushed mode or try to fix the sensor port or replace the sensor on the motor itself .


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