FJ40 begins

Bloody Hell ,

almost a month of no posts . Blame it on the weather, take today as an example its sunny and inviting but i know tomorrow is going to be crap so i just didn’t take the crawlers out , i really should have , but i’m lazy. So … new conclusion , blame my laziness.

Lets do a mail call for the last month:

– Tamiya 51331 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Body set from Ebay , this is the next project for me. more on that as it develops, all i can say that it will run the SCX10 axles and transmission.

– Proline 2.2 tire foams, a steal for 1 euro on Ebay, going into the Wraith at some point.

– Hudy 3mm arm reamer, also a steal for 1 euro on Ebay

– Tamiya 50597 O rings, for rebuilding my leaky shocks on the old TA03F

– Tamiya 50600 Oil shock seals, as above


FJ40… The beginning

Also , Sebastjan bought a Blitz among other things and we tested them out last Saturday, the terrain choice was wrong, so now i have to clean it up again 😀 The new spur pinion combo is working fine ,but there is still lots to be done on the Blitz. I sure hope the weather stabilizes soon.


the two blitzes



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