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Finally out

I can’t describe the joy i’m feeling again. After god knows how long , the weather has cleared up and Mojca and me took the crawlers out .

It was a blast . A solid hour and a half blasting up various slopes in Stanezice.



It was also a great comparison of the wraith and the scx10 . im amazed how well the cherokee climbs, now with the 106 mickey thompsons it can get up any rock the wraith can . The new bent steering link also improved on the steering , but it does need cvds and high clearance knuckles. The only problem i had was that it stopped responding to the transmitter twice , but a power on off cycle fixed that . Also lost 3  body clips during a roll.

the new tires sure make a difference

the new tires sure make a difference

The Wraith performed flawlessly , the Mamba Max Pro sure makes a difference . The drag brake is amazing . You can brute force it up most loose stuff or go slowly when the ground is solid. The  hinged hood held up as well during a couple of rolls .

double wipeout

double wipeout

Great first outing overall ,we both had a blast .  Here is the rest of the pictures .







after lots of elbow grease and use of the hex driver , the RC4WD Mickey Thompson Baja Claws 4.19 are mounted up on my SCX10, note to self : ” make sure you align the threads right and put the right rings in the right place”. Note the picture below 😀

4.19 Baja Claws on the left and the Flat Irons on the right

4.19 Baja Claws on the left and the Flat Irons on the right

I was choosing between the RC 4WD 4.19 Baja Claws and the Proline Super Swampers to replace the stock kit Flat Irons from the SCX10. The replacement tires needed to be better and a similar size than the originals because i don’t want to cut up the body more and also they needed to be in the 4.20″ height to fit into class 1 of Scaler rules.

The claws are according to the internet probably the best all round scale tires. The compound feels super sticky , the only thing i don’t like are the stock foams but i have not tried them outside yet so i might be mistaken. I do like the look of them a lot, the thread looks bad ass,  especially  the sides .


The Claws are supposedly self cleaning , that i have to see, if its somewhat true that would be cool as the flat irons really clogged up quickly .

Here is how they look mounted up on the Cherokee


getting there

i’ve also bent up a new steering link to get a bit more steering out of the stock setup .Also notice the nice shackles 😀

Next step , new bumpers , bending the rock rails up a bit  and maybe some flares, but even now its still Class 1 legal because the tires not stick out too much. Also , i kinda wan’t a roof rack.


notice how the tires deform a bit under the weight

This concludes my 100th post , onward ho to new victories !

Soft paint

Oh boy that weather, the horror !

Enough about that , here is what came by mail :

Tamiya PS-52 Champagne Gold Anodizied Aluminium 

Tamiya PS-33 Cherry Red

Tamiya Ps-35 Blue Violet

Pactra RC272 Candy Blue

Pactra RC278 Fluorescent Orange

Pactra RC266 Metallic Green 

2x RC4wCD Z-T0060 Mickey Thompson 1.9 Baja Claw 4.19″ Scale Tires

The paint is for the FJ40 , not all of it though , i got it for a good bundle deal for 19 eur for all of the paints and since the champagne gold costs 12 by itself, it was a done deal, also the Candy Blue is one of the colors missing from Tamiya’s arsenal .  The Tires were are a present to myself from, I never was satisifed with the performance of the proline flat irons on the SCX10 .



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