Finally out

I can’t describe the joy i’m feeling again. After god knows how long , the weather has cleared up and Mojca and me took the crawlers out .

It was a blast . A solid hour and a half blasting up various slopes in Stanezice.



It was also a great comparison of the wraith and the scx10 . im amazed how well the cherokee climbs, now with the 106 mickey thompsons it can get up any rock the wraith can . The new bent steering link also improved on the steering , but it does need cvds and high clearance knuckles. The only problem i had was that it stopped responding to the transmitter twice , but a power on off cycle fixed that . Also lost 3  body clips during a roll.

the new tires sure make a difference

the new tires sure make a difference

The Wraith performed flawlessly , the Mamba Max Pro sure makes a difference . The drag brake is amazing . You can brute force it up most loose stuff or go slowly when the ground is solid. The  hinged hood held up as well during a couple of rolls .

double wipeout

double wipeout

Great first outing overall ,we both had a blast .  Here is the rest of the pictures .





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