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Today a surprisingly heavy envelope arrived in the mail . Its a set of weights from Martin at Martin probably has the best selection of crawling related stuff this side of the Atlantic, check him out !

Since my scx10 is a bit top heavy i needed to weight it down so i bough these:



480grams of extra weight


Its a set 165 gram for each front wheel and 75g for the rears . They came nicely taped up and with two sided tape already attached for easy installation.

mocked up

mocked up

Installation is a breeze , just slide them on and thats it . They fit perfectly to my freshly painted axial beadlocks.  I mocked them up then installed them per the manual , remove the two sided tape cover and stick them on. For the fronts, do the smaller rings first then bigger ones. When you tape them on they contour really nicely to the wheels.

installed and rolling

installed and rolling

Thats it, now to fit tires back on.


Painting stock Axial 1.9 beadlocks … a short guide

I’ve decided to repaint the stock Axial 1.9 beadlocks from the Dingo RTR kit , The chome look is a bit too flashy for my preference, and with the gear head RC rings it really needs a new color .

so here is a small guide on how to repaint them.

Step 1: Removing the Chrome.


ready for de-croming

Place your stock beadlock in a plastic container, then spray it with owen cleaner , leave it for 1-2 hours , rinse it off , and repeat until the chrome is gone , if only a small patch is left you can scratch it of with an X-acto knife.

Step 2: Degrease 



Wash the de-cromed wheels with a degreaser and dry them .

Step 3:  Prime 



Use some primer to prepare the surface , a good coat will do .

Step 4: Paint 



Paint with the desired color , i used Satin black from the Auto supply store. if you are in the US you can Krylon Fusion, also with that you can skip the primer.


The example pictures were performed on my spare wheel, and painted by me , so the quality is lacking .

For the 4 primary wheels i’ve handed the paint can to Mojca for her expertise .

primed and dried

primed and dried



More Rings


This arrived today from my friend Paul , who was friendly enough to provide me with a shipping relay as  RPPHOBBY  for some reason does not ship to Slovenia, at least you cannot choose the country in checkout . Shame on you RPP!

The 1.9 Beadlock rings from Gearhead RC are only available at RPP and i really wanted something to make the wheels a bit less stock . Also added a set of Traxxas 5347 rod ends and a black set of Axial wheel nut covers.

I’ve chosen the style number 4 of the Gear Head RC 1.9 Beadlock wheel rings for the Cherokee , they mimic the 1:1 counterparts nicely and have a notch for the valve stem . I’ve only mocked them up on the spare beadlock , but they look great . Im probably going to strip the chrome of the stock Axial beadlocks and respray them black for a better color match.


The only issue i could find is that they are cut from Delrin which is hard to paint , but it won’t be a problem in this case , as i want the whole wheel Black.


comparison to the stock axial beadlock ring

Thanks again for this Paul !

Cerknica lake crawl

Yesterday we took a half a day trip to Cerknica and the famous intermittent Cerknica lake.



There was a small wooded areas with some logs ,rocks , maybe a bit too flat  but it ended  on the lake bank

Mojca drove the Wraith for the whole run and i the SCX10 Cherokee.





The only modification from last time was flipping the tires around so the thread pattern is upside down, according to the internets the tire works even better , and oh boy is it better than the stock proline flat irons the rtr came with .



Back to the new RC4WD 1.9 mickey Thompson Baja claws . on this type of terrain i would say they are better than the 2.2 axial ripsaws , but it might also be something to do with the foams. Thats very near the top of the to be improved list .



The rocks on the lake bank offered a chance to finally do some proper rock climbing. It was mostly ledges of slate at near vertical inclines . The Cherokee went up them like a mountain goat. And the bit where it got stuck , a bit of throttle jumped it over.  Its still a bit top heavy , but i plan to add weights to the wheels anyway , so that will fix that . Currently its at 2.40kg whilst the Wraith is at 3.60kg .20130501-cerknica5


I got stuck on the front bumper a few times, but that will be improved with the custom tube bumper which is in the works . Also some cosmetic changes are in the mail as well.





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