Cerknica lake crawl

Yesterday we took a half a day trip to Cerknica and the famous intermittent Cerknica lake.



There was a small wooded areas with some logs ,rocks , maybe a bit too flat  but it ended  on the lake bank

Mojca drove the Wraith for the whole run and i the SCX10 Cherokee.





The only modification from last time was flipping the tires around so the thread pattern is upside down, according to the internets the tire works even better , and oh boy is it better than the stock proline flat irons the rtr came with .



Back to the new RC4WD 1.9 mickey Thompson Baja claws . on this type of terrain i would say they are better than the 2.2 axial ripsaws , but it might also be something to do with the foams. Thats very near the top of the to be improved list .



The rocks on the lake bank offered a chance to finally do some proper rock climbing. It was mostly ledges of slate at near vertical inclines . The Cherokee went up them like a mountain goat. And the bit where it got stuck , a bit of throttle jumped it over.  Its still a bit top heavy , but i plan to add weights to the wheels anyway , so that will fix that . Currently its at 2.40kg whilst the Wraith is at 3.60kg .20130501-cerknica5


I got stuck on the front bumper a few times, but that will be improved with the custom tube bumper which is in the works . Also some cosmetic changes are in the mail as well.





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